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with: town: Castel Sant'Elia
region/state: Latium
country: Italy
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Casanova : His Youthful Years (1969) View the IMDB sheet (new window)
Director: Luigi COMENCINI
Casting: Leonard Whiting, Maria Grazia Buccella, Lionel Stander, Raoul Grassilli, Wilfrid Brambell, Tina Aumont, Mario Scaccia
Original title: "Infanzia, vocazione e prime esperienze di Giacomo Casanova, veneziano"

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Timing Film moment: from 1h15min to 1h18min, indoor scenes of the first sermon of Father Casanova (Leonard WHITING) to church "San Samuel Venice" that delights the parishioners
Basilica di Sant'elia, Via Sant'elia
Castel Sant'Elia
Latium / ITALY
Updated on March 17th, 2015 
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