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with: town: Castel Gandolfo
region/state: Latium
country: Italy
Histoires extraordinaires (1968) View the IMDB sheet (new window)
Director: Roger VADIM
Casting: Brigitte Bardot, Alain Delon, Jane Fonda, Terence Stamp, James Robertson Justice, Salvo Randone, Françoise Prévost
Original title: "Tre passi nel delirio"

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Timing Film moment: episode 'Toby Dammit', scene where Toby Dammit (Terence STAMP) arrives in Ferrari in front of a restaurant, turns around and goes towards Marino
devant le restaurant 'La Gardenia', 4 Via Bruno Buozzi
Castel Gandolfo
Latium / ITALY
Updated on January 9th, 2014 
Source: Nostalnb
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Nuits de Cabiria (Les) (1957) View the IMDB sheet (new window)
Director: Federico FELLINI
Casting: Giulietta Masina, François Périer, Franca Marzi, Dorian Gray, Aldo Silvani, Ennio Girolami, Mario Passante
Original title: "Notti di Cabiria (Le)"

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Timing Film moment: scene on the arbor restaurant height of Lago Albano where Oscar (Francois PERIER) and Cabiria (Giulietta MASINA) lunch
Ristorante Bucci, 31 Via dei Zecchini
Castel Gandolfo
Latium / ITALY
Updated on December 24th, 2014 
Source: Nostalnb
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